When can I start my activities?

Can I do more than one section at a time?

How do I record my activities?

Watch this video to help you

How do I log onto eDofE?

Watch this video

When will I get my eDofE account and Welcome pack?

Check your school email address for a welcome email and after 3 weeks of logging in to eDofE for the first time, a Welcome pack should then arrive at your home address in the post! (assuming you put in the correct postcode!)

I'm having trouble logging in for the first time?

Once your parents have made the payment on ParentPay an account will be set up for you using your school email address. Check for a welcome email in here with your username and password. If you cant access your school email please visit the IT team (upstairs in MFL block) to get you set up.

Who can I use for my assessor?

 What can I do for the Volunteering, Physical or Skills section?

Go to the DofE website for ideas

Or have a look at the following:




I don't know my assessor's email or phone number?

How do I get my assessor to submit an assessors report?


 How many in an expedition group? 

Group sizes of 7. 

The aim is for students to get themselves into either a group of 3 or a group of 4.

We will then put a group 3 and a group of 4 together to make up a group of 7. 

(Sometimes groups of  5 and 6 will be made but when we have large numbers at Bronze and Silver we try to minimise the number of groups.)

When is my expedition? 

Check out the dates on the expedition page or calendar

Why hasn’t my activity been approved?

Leaders are all volunteers it may take them some time to log on and check give it a couple of weeks - in the meantime check the notifications on eDofE – if a section or piece of evidence has been queried you will have a message from the person who queried it with a reason.

The usual reasons are:

What equipment do I need for expedition?

Kit list can be found here

How do I set up and link an OS maps account to eDofE.

Please read through the set up guide here.

Watch the video of how to plan a route here.

Full list of DofE Video's can be found here.

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